16. July 2024 13:18:53
29. week / 408. week of semester

Cool personal timetable on the web and in your phone

Zakrava Timetable is especially web application, which brings easy creation and updating your personal timetable.

IS/STAG interconnection on UHK (STAGator)

Of course you appreciate Timetable changes organized and sorted in one single place and connection to IS/STAG allowing to easily and quickly download your created timetable and share it with other people by it's current link.

Subject wall

Great benefit is also this new functionality of Subject Wall, where users can share their informations etc. of currently studying subjects.

Notes & todos

Next possibility is to create and organize your notes and thoughts in one place next to tasks which differs from notes in ability to select date/deadline and mark them as in progress or done.

Using services

For using these services You can simply sign in by your account here or via facebook here Sign in or register easily throw this link Register.

Android support

You can download application for Android based smartphones, which allowes you to view your timetable offline without having internet connection available for every time you want to check it. This application is available on Google Play Store or by this link: Zakrava Timetable for Android.


Thanks to all, who freely contributed with their thoughts and suggestions whether design and layout or to improve functionality of web or android application. Among others Martin Hromádko